Snowy / Rainy / Sunny / Windy

Cycled in in thick snow this morning, cycled home in sunshine, well ok only a tiny bit of sunshine but it was still sunshine. In between was some rain and continued high winds. I had a whole bundle of birds on my nuts this morning and Phil and Doug I know you have more, thanks for boasting so well Phil, but mine are new and it’s taken them weeks to get here, it’s very close to my workshop window but they’ve got here, brave wee beggars. I was sat throwing this morning while watching them out of the corner of my eye, the pots are probably a bit wonky as a result. Lots of pots thrown and lots of visitors too, Amanda popped in for a good old natter, great cake, we should have opened it while you were still there though. Linda and her son Peter and some customers who raved and offered compliments a plenty and went away with a pile of pots. A massage to soothe my aching body from the weekend’s antics and cauliflower cheese for dinner, what a day!

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  1. gz says:

    The snow reached the mountain here by lunchtime, and the village at 6.30pm.All of a sudden it went too dark for turning!!

  2. That is a hot looking kiln!And "birds on your nuts" just made me chuckle.80 here tomorrow!I hope you get some real spring soon.

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