Snowdrops and snowflakes

Snowdrops are out at work, must be spring time soon.

This morning I was struggling a bit without the electrickery being on, tried working by candle-light but it was still too dark and damn cold and no kettle so no tea so blimey that makes for a tough day. I’d just decided to give up and come home, had got my coat on and the keys in my hand and buzz – ping hey presto power! We had mores now this morning but again it didn’t stick.

So this afternoon I managed to slip all the wee fat pots and I threw a couple of bits and pieces too.

Dodgy photos though, must have still been shivering when I took them.

For those of you worried I might be getting a bit too girly in my old age I’ll get a new pic up for you soon with my new outfit that will put all your minds at rest. Till then, taraa.
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  1. Ron says:

    I have a feeling I know what this new outfit is. Can’t wait to see it. Wouldn’t mind seeing the girly one either. Pots look lovely.

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