Snow, not a lot.

Snow this morning, but it only lasted until about 11 o’clock then it all melted in the pleasant sunshine. I packed me kiln for a bisque this morning, and got on with some much needed throwing. Lots of small casserole dishes and some big bowls. Then put handles on the bigger of the jugs that I threw last week. I think the handles were a little easier to do today than last time, I need to throw some more to have another practise.
This stock is for the British Craft Trade Fair (I’m being optimistic that I will get some orders) even if it isn’t used up for that then it certainly won’t go to waste. I haven’t shown at this show before, it’s in Harrogate, and all the work displayed is hand made in the Britain, I believe there are around 500 exhibitors and it is well attended by gallery and shop buyers. I’m going over with Amanda my glass artist friend. Also showing will be Natalie Vardey a jeweller friend who lives locally and is another Spring Fling participant and Beverly Gee (these are her little porcelain jars above) a friend from my college days along with a number of other people that I know from here and there.

British Craft Trade Fair 6th, 7th & 8th April 2008 Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, HG2 8PW. Trade fair with over 500 British and Irish exhibitors.

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  1. ajsimmons says:

    Thanks Hannah for the mention….bit confused at first, looking at my work on your site!! I really love Beverleys work, looking forward to seeing them!Can’t even think about BCTF yet….soon though! A x

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