Smokey buildings.

Well here they are, they’re only tiny, the tallest is about three inches high, some of them have impressed marks indicating windows on them. I’ve borrowed the piece of slate that they are sat on from Alan at work (hope you don’t mind Alan, I know you read this sometimes.)

It’s a bit odd using white clay and not throwing it. Fun to do something completely different though. I don’t know a great deal about smoke firing so I went for the basic option, an old biscuit tin, some sawdust with pots buried in it and a couple of matches. I love setting fire to things, had to keep poking it, well maybe I didn’t have to but it was fun to play with it. I didn’t put the lid on fully so that it had some air getting to it but i should probably have made some holes nearer the base of the tin too if I’d thought longer about it before I did it.

All packed up for Potfest, well apart from the things that are still in the kiln cooling down. My tea bowl (Paul’s is finished, I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it though, will do that when we get there) for the pot swap and some plates, maybe if they’re ok and some little jugs that I haven’t managed to smash yet.
There looks like an awful lot in that pile, hope the car has elastic sides now. Some of the boxes are going to The Red Barn Gallery while I am down there as they have an exhibition opening a week on friday which my work is included in.
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5 Responses to Smokey buildings.

  1. Becky says:

    Hannah, I hope Potfest is great for you! And thanks for posting pix of your smoke fired buildings. They're really quite wonderful. I'm wondering how long you smoked them & if you enjoyed the process?

  2. ang says:

    what a sweet little stack of buildings good fun too…happy festing!

  3. jbf says:

    Nice job on the smoky biscuit tin buildings! They look great.

  4. jbf says:

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  5. Hope you have a great time and sell lots of stuff, (not sure of this smokey firing thing though? Not very Hannahish).

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