Slow fresh pots

These pots have been sat sitting in the kiln since saturday. I managed to unpack the kiln today which was at best awkward and at worst damn painful with the scraping of the back of the swollen hand down the bricks. Ouch. Note to self – be more careful.
We had snow last night though I didn’t realise for ages. You see in a morning I don’t put my glasses on till I’m washed and dressed hmmm could explain why I always look a sight. Anyway I had noticed in my blind as a bat haze that it was white outside but thought it was frost. Imagine my squeal of delight when I got my vision back. It was oh so beautiful. The mountains over the back here are splendid with their snowy hats on.

Swooshes and dots.

These are more of the newly Christened “Harlequin Range” thank you anonymous I think it was for the name.

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3 Responses to Slow fresh pots

  1. Peter says:

    Lovely new pots Hannah,Do take care of that hand of yours. All the Best,P.

  2. Hope your hand is healing. Sounds quite miserable if you cann’t get on as usual.

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