Slow and Steady

Hannah_McAndrew_Dishes_OwlGently does it, slow and steady is the only way to be at the moment. I can’t do very much without needing a break so I am slowly working my way through orders. I need to be doing something while we wait to meet our new son or daughter or else my brain will lose the plot. These slip trail owl dishes are mainly for an order but a couple for stock too.

Hannah_McAndrew_Commemorative_Plate_TreeThe other two plates are both slip trail commemorative ones hence there is only a snippet of the surface so as not to give away the inscriptions in case any of the recipients are reading this. The first is loosely based on a Toft dish and the second a big fat birdie.

Hannah_McAndrew_Commemorative_Plate_BirdFinally a little glimpse of our home workshop for the time being. It’s a long way to Lochdougan now and especially with me in this state so here is our glamorous accommodation!

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4 Responses to Slow and Steady

  1. Gary Rith says:

    Beautiful work and best wishes 🙂 I just enjoyed reading Doug’s blog post, updating the wedding and the rest…extraordinary!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Gary, Thanks for the message. Yes it’s been a busy year! Good luck with your recuperation.

  3. Ron says:

    Hey you two. Looking good.

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