Slipware Mugs: Vol II


Here you go guys and gals, mug decorating the return! These were the second batch of the 50 mugs that I made. It took me ages to slip them all, some definitely longer than others, the number of dots on the last one, I don’t even want to think about it!

Wild windy day today. We got our ride in early to beat the nasty weather approaching the region, started out at 7am. Yes I know, too keen, we did beat the worst of it but oh my Moniave to Dalry with a very strong headwind, painful! The bacon butties in New Galloway were very welcome indeed. What a place to cycle in though, we are so lucky living here, it’s an amazing area.

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7 Responses to Slipware Mugs: Vol II

  1. gz says:

    Now you're really enjoying yourself!!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh I like the first one, and the one with the bending grasses, and the one…….child in a sweetie shop?Wonderful body of work.

  3. Dennis Allen says:

    You always make me want to lick the screen when you post pictures of wet slip.

  4. Dan Finnegan says:

    Whose "we"?! Has Paul returned?

  5. Nice stuff. But you need to send us all some bacon butties.

  6. Hannah says:

    Oh I surely am GZ.Hoping to have all these fired for Spring Fling in a couple of weeks time…Dennis, thank you, that is a compliment but it would make a heck of a mess of your screen.Dan, no that's me and my early sunday morning cycling girly group. You could join us in June if you like, honorary member! Paul will fingers crossed be back on thursday…Hollis the bacon might be a bit yuck by the time it got to you guys.Adam, thank you!

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