Slippy day in another way!

Guess the inspiration of the staring owl / bird of prey Amanda!

I’ve been brushing slip on my pots today, I think I’ve said this before, it’s not something I do often but keep meaning to have a play with and as now is my playing time of year, that is exactly what I am doing – and liking it. Though whether I will like it finished as much as I like it now is another matter but only time will tell.

I put necks on these fat jugs too, handles tomorrow hopefully.

Trying to be a bit freer this year, can you tell? I like these leaves above but the bird below got a bit stiff in comparison to it’s border I think, shame but tis all trials and seeing what things look like I suppose.

Once upon a time about four and a bit years ago I took a trip (oh heck now I come to think of it is was an epic trip!) with my friend Linda, we drove to Dumfries, missed the direct train to Newcastle, waited for the next which meant a change at Carlisle, got to Carlisle, while writing a postcard (don’t ask) we missed the connection (I know insane) it was raining and then the line we wanted was flooded so we got a train replacement bus service half way then got on the train again, and finally got to Newcastle a good few too many hours after we should have. The reason for this epic journey was I suppose two fold, one to visit an exhibition at Shipley art gallery which try as I might I can’t remember the name of but was a folk art quilting show. Secondly though maybe the exhibition was just a means to an end, was to meet again a certain man who I had met in a car park (a lovely carpark, in a forest, out cycling you know, not just a random supermarket or anything like that) a couple of months previously. I took Linda, a quilter and textile artist, for moral support and just in case he turned out to be an axe murderer (can you believe he did actually have two ice axes in the boot of his car when we met him!) So Linda claims I paid not the slightest bit of attention to the exhibition but four and a bit years later I can prove her wrong as the “love apples” as they were called on the quilt I liked best (tomatoes to the rest of us) appear in the oval dish in the photo below. So there you go Linda, it was worth long and the long and torturous trip after all. Oh and just in case you wondered the man we met was worth the trip too ( he’s looking at me suspiciously as I write this because I’m chuckling and smiling to myself at the thought).

Some ovalled dishes made last week. They will have the outsides slipped tomorrow hopefully, these have brushed on slip too, it’s harder to see than the white so I really have no idea what these will look like.

This slab is another to be made into a dish. The trees were some that I found going through old sketch books last week, they are I think if I remember rightly at Parkgate on the way back to Dumfries from Moffat just in case you needed to know that.

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6 Responses to Slippy day in another way!

  1. Ron says:

    Great pots H. Esp. like that owl and the last trees. Say Hello to that fellow of yours for me.

  2. ang says:

    hey groovy curves happening H love the 1st one…hi paul..(waving) hannah will need some wood chopping when the new kiln's up!!!!!

  3. Stellar work there! I especially like the owl platter and the oval dishes.

  4. Anna says:

    Hey Hannah, I really like seeing how you work with your slip. I imagine brushing on creates less of a mess (and less waste). I look forward to seeing the slab/slump dish. So you slip before you slump? How long do you wait to slump it…?

  5. ajsimmons says:

    The owl was one of my favourites in the book….yours is fab, love the deco on the rim….great work x

  6. Four and a bit year Happy Anniversary to Hannah and the Axe murderer Car Park Man!(Oh,and the owl is pretty cool too)!

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