Slippy beasts.

I finally got around to slipping the beasts this afternoon, interesting as how on earth do you hold that and shake it without dropping it over smashing it’s nose into the bucket? I ended up hanging them upside down with my finger through their legs – eek.

New stamps. I’ve used the top one so far, but the pots that are in the kiln at the moment don’t have any identifying marks, that’s odd but I hadn’t made my mind up about what to do at that point. I was thinking something to myself this afternoon and thought oh I must put that on the blog, that’ll amuse them and now I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. Sorry about that.

Been snowing again today, winter winter, lovely lovely. I’ve hung a bird feeder at the window of the workshop, I have an inkling it might be too close to the glass and that I’ll just scare them all the time but I’d love them to come and eat there. There were two dunnocks last week pecking at the outside of my door, I could hear this tap tap tap noise but looked out and couldn’t see anything until I pressed my nose right against the glass and looked down. No idea what they had found but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think Jo knows I’m writing about other birds and feels left out as he’s tweeting at me in a “don’t forget about me” sort of way. Oh he’s the budgie by the way in case you’d missed that point, a little ball of blue feathers that he is.
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6 Responses to Slippy beasts.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Photo 1Beastie 1:Yes I know the same thing happened to me ……fingers through the legsBeastie 2:I dread to think what will happen next!!Beastie 1:We'll probably get fired for bad behaviour

  2. Ron says:

    We need a pic of Jo.

  3. oh- i like those beast!I saw those stamps and thought they would work for me-MH

  4. Trish says:

    Those beasties could be in the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum at Drumheller, Alberta…:) Great Beasties!!Trish from Alberta

  5. gz says:

    As you can bird feeders that use suckers to attach to a glass window, the feeders are probably ok.

  6. paul jessop says:

    The stamps are not legal tender because they don't have the queens head on them.and they remind me of those sweets "Love Hearts".

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