Slipped mugs

All the mugs got decorated today. Rules: they had to be quick and there couldn’t be any two the same. I think I managed to obey them.

This one above had a layer of white slip and then a layer of black when the first was leather hard. I was trying to sgraffito through the black to show the white. I couldn’t manage it with my pointy tool that I usually draw with, I think I may have over blasted the black layer so it was maybe a touch on the dry side. However the loop tool worked well and I think I may have another go with that on a bigger surface. Seems to be a very exact amount of pressure required to go deep enough but not to far, if that makes sense.

I started to sgraffito the harvest jug that was left standing but as usual got completely carried away and haven’t done half of the surface yet. I’ve wrapped it back up for another day.
Just noticed I did a white mug with the same decoration as a black one only in reverse! Oops, failed my own test!
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7 Responses to Slipped mugs

  1. Lovely stuff, Hannah. Looks like you’re back at it.

  2. Ron says:

    I really like that mug shape. Cool deco too. My students had fun learning more about trailing last night.

  3. very nice, indeed. you’ve got a steady hand and a good eye.

  4. doug fitch says:

    Well done H, great stuff!

  5. Takashi says:

    How lovely the mugs are !I am now understanding why the quickness is necessary because I firstly tried out to make slipware as amature potter.I am strongly influenced from your slipwares so I just started during new year holidays.My 2 slipwares here in my blog:

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