Slip trailing marathon.

I seem to have been on a slip trailing mission today. I suddenly realised I had quite a stack of pots sitting quietly under plastic waiting to be decorated and I was running out of ware boards so thought I had better loosen up the trailing arm. This little jug with some not very usual for me markings on it was slipped in black and just had a very minimal decoration of white dots. What I didn’t manage though was to take any pictures. I was having fun with some more of the 4lb 8oz jugs that last week I had thought were so huge. One of which has an oak tree on it’s belly and is an order from a customer.

The big old 8lb jug that I tried yesterday went straight back onto the clay pile this morning, I wasn’t particularly happy with it, especially after I saw Michael’s picture of the one he had made. More practise for me.
It has been oh such a beautiful day, the sun has been shinning all day, it means I can keep the door open all day, and I even got to eat my lunch sat out on the bench enjoying the sun. Fabulous, I could so easily get used to that. The kiln has finished firing and has used a very reasonable amount of electric according to the controller so fingers crossed it will be A O K tomorrow when I open it up.
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  1. Hi! It’s good to hear your’e busy with your cassaroles. Where did you get your copy of John Edgeler’s book? I could not find it on Amazon and I could not find a web site for John. I would love to get my hands on a copy. Pottery books make the very best bedtime reading!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Margaret, if you email me I will email you John’s email address, don’t want to put it up here in case he gets spam from it. I ordered it straight through him as I couldn’t get hold of it wishes,h

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