Slip trailers in action.

A day for lots of decorating today, it felt like it took far too long, I always underestimate how long these things take. I had some fat jugs to be trailed and a couple to be sgraffitoed, along with a couple of commissioned puzzle jugs that needed trailing too.

This looks really awkward in the picture, it doesn’t feel like it looks when I hold it if that makes sense.

This is one of the commissioned puzzle jugs with two big fat birds, one on either side. I cut the year into the neck instead of the more usual hearts or diamonds that I would usually do.

One of the sgraffito jugs. The second one didn’t get done and this one is still to be finished, there’s always tomorrow.

So it’s the last day of September and the first of my sunflowers has decided to show it’s happy face, I think I was sold the dwarf slow growing breed by mistake, they are all only about 3 foot tall and there are a couple of others that are showing a hint of yellow now at the top of their stems. Roll on summer!

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4 Responses to Slip trailers in action.

  1. ajsimmons says:

    …..what a fantastic wee vid of sliptrailing. For the unintiated, that 2mins and 42secs taught you much. Thanks for posting…Amanda x

  2. Hi Hannah-Thanks for putting up that demo of making the slip trailers the other day. I am interested in using some slip trailing and am going to give one a shot.

  3. jbf says:

    You make it look so easy. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

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