Slip Trailers at Dawn

I’ve a few of my big chargers ordered at the moment, it’s a bit daunting when the biggies are ordered, a bit more pressure to get them through safely. These two are (hopefully) heading down to a National Trust property, Ham House. They are about 17″ diameter now.

It’s been a very disjointed week for one reason and another. After my initial spurt into the new year I’ve been struggling to keep the momentum going. Deadlines are approaching however, deadlines that two weeks ago were ages and forever away are not zooming up quick quick.

I’ve been putting off slipping these crazy mugs, wasn’t sure quite how I could attack them with my trailers once they had all the sprigs on them, and though it has been very very hard I have in fact just slipped some and not trailed them at all. Some just have very minimal trailing, it’s so hard to just do a couple of lines.

Found out this week that I got a stand at Art in Clay at Hatfield House this year. It’s changed dates this year due to some big sporting event I think, and is going to be the weekend of the 6th, 7th, 8th July. Book it in your diaries now please.
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8 Responses to Slip Trailers at Dawn

  1. Ron says:

    Art in Clay!!!! Whoop Whoop!! Way to go Hannah!!!

  2. Ron says:

    oh , and I meant to say.."I wish could live in a ham house". Bacon….Yum.

  3. gz says:

    Lovely!!!(I might be inspired to re-fill my slip trailers!!)You're lucky with your kiln..I can't fire anything much over 15" diameter.

  4. kateuk says:

    The chargers will look perfect at Ham House.It is odd how deadlines just gallop up all of a sudden- I never understand how one week they can be ages away and before you turn around that becomes right NOW.

  5. When you have specific orders with certain names or phrases…do you make two in case something goes awry?

  6. Betsy C says:

    just beautiful Hannah …. just yummy!

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks all,Anna, no I don't tend to make two. I just always keep my fingers crossed, I couldn't afford to make two of all my commissions, I'd be drowning in them by now.

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