Slip Slop Slap

More slippy sloppy slabs in the pipeline. I think they’ll make more sense when I show you were there are coming from and where they are heading but that will have to wait for the time being.

Some tall weird looking jug forms. I threw them yesterday and popped the necks on them this morning. They are very definitely inspired by some pots in the York collection. I hope they will look better with lips and handles on them though the lips and handles will be Hannah’s lips and handles as I appear to be completely unable to make lips and handles in any other way than my way.
I slopped slip on some small plates and decorated them too this afternoon including a commemorative one for a friend who is getting married shortly.

Here they are with their tops and lips on, there are a half a dozen of them I think I made in 3lb, 5lb and 7lb sizes. Very disappointed that the 7lb one is only about a half inch taller than the 5lb one. Shame.
It’s been an odd day weather wise. Rainy this morning when I popped into town then by the time I got back home it was sunny and warm and then I rode home tonight through a great thunder storm and got drenched to the skin. It was quite nice though after the clay filled slip spraying warm day that I had had. I do like a good storm.

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