Slip slop slap flip flop flap

Pictures of some of the last few pots that need decorating before I go away on my trip. There’s a couple more need doing too but hopefully they’ll be done tomorrow. It’ll be good to leave things finished and drying out while I’m gone.

Today has been mainly calm with just a half dozen or so moments of mild terror and only and only one I think of sheer all out panic.

That’s better than yesterday when I was flapping so much by the time I left the house to head to work that I ended up cycling around the block the long way to get to work just to calm myself down a bit. Nearly 10 miles instead of the 1.5 I usually do. The sunshine and quietness and thinking about the road rather than the work did the trick though and when I did get to work I was able to do stuff instead of running around the farm yard flapping and scaring the cows.

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6 Responses to Slip slop slap flip flop flap

  1. Anna says:

    No panic allowed! 🙂 Love that creamy slip…..

  2. gz says:

    Calm down, breathe slowly……..and enjoy the trip!

  3. ang says:

    nothing like a good 10 miles to get that stuff out of ya head…….nice one H :))

  4. Ron says:

    Hey H, hope you can remain calm as you finish things up. Pots look great. See ya soon.

  5. Lori Buff says:

    Stay clam, potters are a friendly bunch. I wish I could see you in NC. Enjoy the trip.

  6. Oh, you'll be fine. You did ok at your last demo session at Kindrogan in Perthshire, didn't you? That was just practice for this one! Those pots look fantastic!Oh how I wish I could be there! I am hoping to pick up a workshop or two this summer, as I have already bought tickets to California for June through July, to see my son and his family.

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