Slip sliding away.

I finally got around to slipping the big candlesticks today. It’s taken me a while to decide what to put on them, I should also have taken the time to work out how to hold them, pour them, shake them, put them safely down before I started. A trial run would have been useful.

Three plates with fat rims. That band just around the bird marks the start of the rim, it’s hard to tell in the pictures.

Just black on white or vice versa, no colours on these. I like them.
Had a chat to Mr. Fitch this afternoon, we put the world to rights, discussed the finer points of on line scrabble and generally helped me to calm down and not explode today, maybe tomorrow (though hopefully not as I’m going to visit someone tomorrow and it wouldn’t be good to flip while I’m there) I seem to have lost all patience since I turned 32. Is that it? Is it all down hill from now on? I usually have a slow burning fuse but heaven help you if I get to the end, at the moment I seem to be getting wound up at the drop of a hat.

So away over to Glentrool tomorrow to the city of midges during the summer months, hopefully they have all gone on holiday to warmer climates now. Going to try to give Andy a hand with his kiln building and hopefully learn some handy tricks while I am there.
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8 Responses to Slip sliding away.

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah, These are bu t full! Really like those little birds. You Rock as always.

  2. Omigosh, such beautifully perfect pieces!

  3. Jerry says:

    Those plates take my breath away! Absolutely lovely.

  4. doug Fitch says:

    spot on those plates H

  5. Amazing plates! How big are they?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hannah, I really love the Grouse plate, trust you are both OK and haven't had to swim for it….?Dave

  7. Hannah says:

    Thank you! Plates are not huge, about 30cm diameter at the moment, maybe not quite that.Dave and Sue, no we're not swimming yet, but it is awful and Paul has been sent to Peterhead tonight, not good to have to be out driving in this.

  8. Anonymous says:

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