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Oh it is so lovely to be getting back into the swing of pottery, it’s suddenly feeling like it all makes sense again. It’s been a flipping long time it seems. I had some new images taken last week which is something that I always find helpful. It gives you the opportunity to look at your work from a different perspective. It’s so different to see your pots outside of the workshop and in a situation where the focus is on them. I see my pots at shows on stands that I have set up when I am still to close, mentally, to see them properly, I often see them in group shows in galleries with lots of other people’s work. I’ve never had a solo show so I haven’t been able to see them in that sort of situation but in a studio shot taken by a professional, crikey they can look really good, it’s such a pleasant surprise.

I am making making and stocking up bisque fired pots at the moment (oh I do not like bisque ware one tiny little bit) for a mammoth glazing session this coming week. There are a couple of shows coming up in the next month that I need work for and I seem to have sold a lot of work in the last month or so too, the shelves are looking rather thin at the workshop.

I am making for the Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival in Derbyshire the weekend of September 14th and 15th. Last year this new show was flipping wonderful, very quirky, very different but full of gorgeous food and stunning pots. The potters this year pack a fair punch between them, quality of pottery wise I mean not actual fighting, hopefully.

I’m also working up to Ceramics in the City once again held at the Geffrye Museum in London. That show has it’s preview on the evening of Thursday the 19th and then runs Friday 20th, to Sunday 22nd September.

In between all that I am making a few pieces for the A New England Cargo project part of which involves the firing of the bottle kiln at Bideford. Those of you who have been following the blog long enough and paying attention over the years will of course remember when I was involved in firing the kiln as part of the Harvest of Jugs. This year I won’t be at the firing itself but some of my pots will.

It’s the weekend but I was in the workshop this afternoon and will be there again tomorrow, things to finish and I feel like I am on a roll so I want to make the most of it while I can. More pots soon.

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  1. Rob says:

    I love the three jugs (with fish and octopus…at least I think that’s what it is).

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