Six Weeks On

Today it is 6 weeks since the little incident with the van. Today is the first day I’ve ridden my bike to work and enjoyed the ride rather than spending the journey trying not to over stretch or tweak my neck. Today is the first day I’ve actually had a good bought of throwing again – ok probably too good a bout but it didn’t hurt until I’d finished which is better than hurting as soon as I start. The consultant told me it’d be 6 weeks at least till I started to feel properly ‘normal’ (well as normal as is normal to me) and I hoped he was over exaggerating but it seems he was right. I think I’ll still need to just watch out but blimey it’s good to be back. I threw some little Humbug mugs (orders) and some 1 and half pound jugs (a couple were ordered at Spring Fling) and then some mugs to pierce (I did get them pierced too) and a couple of puzzle jugs as I haven’t made them in ages and I just felt the need. I also threw a “thing” which may or may not make it in time to be my entry for the Potfest competition. The chances are slim but I’ll have a go. Yikes Potfest is coming fast, need to have set up my stand by a week today, I wish I’d been able to make all the new things that I wanted to make and I’d really hoped to have gotten the kiln finished and fired before this show but hey ho, it’ll come in time.

All the mugs (100 of them) and the plates came out of the bisque today just fine so I spent a sunny afternoon glazing them all. The big kiln is packed and I think the little kiln will be carrying on firing the remaining mugs over the next couple of days. Fingers crossed for them.
I had a lovely phone call today from the person that first contacted me about using my workshop as the place to do what they did yesterday, are you following this? He said that the crew had called him to say how much they had enjoyed their day at mine and how much fun they had had and how grateful they were for everything I’d sorted out for them. He also said that they have already done one whole series of this and they’re at number 20 of the 25 of this series and he’s never had to ring anyone to tell them that before. I was touched that they’d said that and it was good of him to pass on the thanks and praise. Gives you a good feeling doesn’t it.
I heard on the radio this morning The Beatles song Paperback Writer. I used to think when I was little that they were singing “I just wanna be a paper bag writer” and I wondered why because it wouldn’t take long to fill a paper bag with writing and why not use a notebook anyway? Ah the way my brain works, amazes me sometimes.
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7 Responses to Six Weeks On

  1. Anna says:

    You crack me up. 🙂 Keep taking care, Im SO glad you are back to work!

  2. Ron says:

    You're being awful mysterious about this 'thing' that happened yesterday. When do we find out?

  3. ang says:

    lovely stuff H so your calendar is now post CA or VUTB i'll let you work on that for a bit…hehehglad you're feeling so much better, still take it easy though, you'll know when you have had enough for the day :))

  4. That's happy news that you're feeling more or less like your old self. All those pots look good, too.

  5. paul jessop says:

    Your a Pro !That's why they liked working with you.good for you to feel good about it.does that make sense?

  6. Lori Buff says:

    It must feel really wonderful to get back to work. Keep taking care of yourself.

  7. Hannah says:

    OK Ang, I reckon CA is Car Accident. VUTB is harder, Van Using's The Bizz? Am I close?Ron, I can't specifically tell you, the contract says I can't use it for publicity in any way, I'll let you know when it's around though. You will laugh so much though, be prepared!Thanks Paul, very kind of you to say so.Anna, glad I amuse you, my Paul just rolls his eyes now, I think all the daft things I do are starting to merge into one big huge daft thing.Lori and Hollis, it is indeed very good to be working again, I like it!

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