Sitting in the Sunshine

Fat bellied pots sitting in the sunshine and warming their tummies. You can almost hear them going ‘Ahhhhhhhh’. Don’t you just envy them having the time to sit there soaking up the warmth.

I did some actual sitting and drawing flowers today, Hazel grows some blooming lovely blooms and keeps the place looking wonderful. These white pretties (I haven’t the foggiest what their name is, lets call them Laura for the time being for want of anything better), anyway these Laura’s found themselves sgraffitoed onto one of the fat bellied jars.

These jars look great from above, I enjoyed looking at them every time I had to walk past.

I think I might make some more, I like the shape and they are great to work out decoration on, a different challenge to a jug being as tehre is no end and no beginning to the shape, no distinct start / stop point. Should the lid carry the same pattern or be a statement of difference. Should the lid have lots of decoration and the body little or vice versa? Lots to think about, hence I think I’ll make more so as to try more things. I do draw pots sometimes to work out the decoration but it’s just not the same as having the actual thing in front of you in all it’s lovely three dimensional-ness.

Ah and here is the Laura jar from above.

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6 Responses to Sitting in the Sunshine

  1. meredith says:

    What loves those Jars are.

  2. Rob says:

    I love these pots, especially the last one with the “Laura” flowers.

  3. Love those pots – I am going to have to add one of your pieces to my very small collection……..
    and those flowers are Cosmos by the way.

  4. KateUK says:

    Oh my stars! They look great- especially the Laura one.

  5. Oh my, Hanna!! those are beautiful little pots!…..I love the cosmos one as well!..

  6. Sorry, miss spelled………….. Hannah…:)
    Have a super Sunday.

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