A little update on the Craft & Design Selected Awards that I was asking for you to vote in recently. I am pleased to tell you that I am one of six shortlisted craftspeople in the ceramics category for this year. The other five are Penny Withers, Stephen Green, Michelle Lowe, Alex McCarthy, and Angela Mellor. You can see more about each of them by following the links on their names.

The final stage is that each of the six submit further information, CV, statement and our answers to three questions to the specialist judge for our category. The result will be announced on May 1st. Thank you all for voting and I will let you know when I hear the final results.


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3 Responses to Shortlisted

  1. mimi champlin says:

    I am so excited. I KNOW you deserve this award and I only wait to see if they know you deserve it!

  2. rui paiva says:

    Hello Hannah!
    Congratulations. Your work is good and tou deserve this reconnaissance.
    Be happy

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