Shhhh, don't scare them. . .

I spotted these wee monkeys having a little huddle this morning when I got to work. I obviously caught them unawares I wonder what they were planning. The lesser trailed salt pigs, they’re rare around these parts.

Crazy plate, I really enjoyed decorating that this morning. This afternoon I met with a great lady from the Cultural Enterprise Office which is the organisation in Glasgow that we have lost our lovely Helen to. It was a pretty informative meeting, I always find it useful to discuss ideas with someone, a sounding block you know.
I had some sad news this morning that a friend of mine had just died. He wasn’t someone that I knew overly well but I am friends with him and his lovely wife because of our mutual slipware obsession. He has been very ill for a while but it is still very sad. I was hoping that I would have gotten the kiln built in time for him to come and see it but I have been too slow it seems and for that I am sorry.
Paul is due home tonight he’s been away in France for a few days another spy mission I assume, it’s a hard life. I’ve been baking chocolate brownies for him but I had a brownie mix : baking tin ratio problem, too much mix which really isn’t bad a problem of course but set me in a tizz trying to find something else to grease and fill with chocolate goo.
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8 Responses to Shhhh, don't scare them. . .

  1. Ron says:

    woooo, I would have been frightened if I’d walked in to that.

  2. Hannah says:

    no no no don’t be scared, they’re gentle creatures really, they just don’t like being surprised and they’re not big on cameras. I had to sneak that photo before they noticed me they’re very shy creatures. Once their plumage is developed they become much more confident.

  3. ang says:

    that plate’s a little ripper are starting to remind me of Miss Potter! did you see that one…very gentle little flick..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post humour, compassion, news & food. Don’t beat yourself up about the kiln – you are a busy lady – your friends gained great pleasure from your slipware. We are not in a dissimilar situation and I know my wife looks at your work daily and other potters and admires the skill / visual impact / beauty – often it sets the tone for the day by just handling the work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    those wee monkeys have two boxes of bananas no wonder they’re pigs.Tim

  6. sam samson says:

    Hi Hannah,met the nice CEO lady this morn she told of your blog,well done,love that cumnock ware surprising what one doesn’t know about in these parts,keep on chuckin’,sam s

  7. Those clay monkeys can be tricky, pigs or otherwise. I know a fellow who apparently has a whole dojo full. That plate is sweet as molasses! It is very energetic and lively. Makes me wish spring were here.

  8. Clay Perry says:

    ohh your work is very nice

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