Shelf-tastic Satutrday

Finally got my shelves up, I need more shelves! I struggled with keeping safe all the unfinished pots that I had in the quantity I needed them in to fill my wood kiln. I just didn’t have enough surfaces. These pegs were used for shelves in my first workshop when I was at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. That was in 2003 and they have been sitting around for a while waiting to find their use again. Now they’re in.

Small dinky cups and saucers, these will be heading for Japan later this week.

New dishes, these are fresh out of the electric kiln, I am enjoying the combination of brushing and trailing the slip, some work better than others. Feels like playing which is great, who doesn’t like to play.

I’ve deadlines running up at me at a fair rate of knots at the moment, where did they all come from? This week will be slightly disjointed, I have to go to a post PMA Craft Show debirief in Edinburgh on Tuesday and I have a meeting in Dumfries on Monday afternoon. There’;s a lot needs throwing this week to make it through in time for the next batch of deadlines and I’ve a lot of packing pots and sending away to do too.

Last Friday evening saw the opening of the Spring Fling Taster exhibition at Gracefield Arts Centre, this is the tenth year of Spring Fling. There was a party on Friday night for the opening with chocolate cake and balloons too. It was really well attended, the place was packed, I’d been a bit wary of going, my usual flapping over going to places with lots of folk that I don’t really know but it was a great night, I really enjoyed it, talking to lots of lovely people and seeing lots of lovely work too. Some spectacular work it has to be said.
I think the dress I made that I was wearing got more attention than my new wood fired pots which was a bit weird, never before have I worn anything that people have admired like that, crazy. I felt a bit sad for my pots though, hopefully they’ll be ok there now. I still however failed to get a photo of the dress or in fact of anything that was in the show at all, too busy nattering.

As a fund raiser for Spring Fling participants were asked to make a figure to fit into a certain sized frame. These are being auctioned during the exhibition. This is mine. Honestly thank heavens I don’t have to frame things very often, got me in a right tizzy trying to do that neatly.
Go and see the show if you get the chance, very interested, shows the range of workshops that will be open to the public during Spring Fling 2012.

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8 Responses to Shelf-tastic Satutrday

  1. Good shelving that – good shelving. You and Paul's work?

  2. gorgeous pots H luck with the show and Japan too….

  3. you are kicking busy H- I would love to see this dress- post it up soon.Pots looking fab as usual.

  4. David Barber says:

    Hannah, The combination of brushing and trailing looks great – i particularly love the plate with the trailed tree – gorgeous. i'm so jealous – i just wish I could get my work to look as good!Dave

  5. Wow you are one busy potter! And now I'M curious to about your lovely frock…..!

  6. Paul Jessop says:

    Doesn't it feel great when you hold on to something for ages, then actually find a use for it later. it frees you up to keep hold of all those other things you've had for ages. well that's my excuse.Pots look Great!

  7. Great shelving that and I want to see the frock too!

  8. Mel Rix says:

    Those little cups and saucers are gorgeous. Japan, eh? Good luck with it all! Mel x

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