Second Week in March

Where on earth did the second week in March come from? Scary how fast it’s flying away, I know I keep saying that but it’s still frightening me. My mum and dad are maybe thinking the same thing about where on earth does the time go. Yesterday was their 35th wedding anniversary. My sister and I “treated” them to a new picture of the two of us, dubious treat I know but I think they liked it. My good pal photographer Phil McMenemy took it for us. It was supposed to be set out in the forest but it was sleeting the morning we needed to take it. Maybe we’ll manage that for their 45th.

I’ve had a day full of slipping pots today, that and getting handles on what felt like about a quarter of a million jugs.

This picture of one of my Slip Trail Owl Plates has been featured in this months edition of Period Living magazine. It looks good in there, the article it goes with is about a house that has some lovely bits of slipware in it.

Another slipped pot. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Phil (the photographer I mentioned earlier in the post, do keep up) about our upcoming exhibition in August. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another glorious day so I can cycle over there, not that I have the time to be gallivanting about on my bike but it’s great to take the advantage of being outside for a little while after being cooped up working for so much of the week.

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2 Responses to Second Week in March

  1. ang says:

    massive admiration H, my 2nd attempt at the slip was v messy 😛 awww what a sweet gift and all the best with the plans for the show I really like the idea of combo shows..

  2. Paul Jessop says:

    The slip looks great Hannah.

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