Scottish Potters Association.

I’ve just realised that on friday I am off up north to Kindrogan in Perthshire. It is the Scottish Potters Association’s Spring Weekend. We spend the weekend in a pretty remote but fabulously situated field centre being wowed and entertained by 3 fantastic potters / ceramicists. This year’s offerings are Mike Dodd, Richard Godfrey and Alison Weightman. Hopefully come next week I will have a lot of exciting ideas and photographs to share with you. Along with the demos we have a ceilidh (of course) on the saturday night, fancy dress is optional Harry Potter theme this year. The mug swap is another highlight, there’s the opportunity to get some professional photos taken, ceramic problems solved – hopefully! Much chatter and pot talk. I think there’ll be about a hundred members there and fingers crossed this year we won’t get snowed in!
Today has been full of sieving glaze for tomorrow, possibly the worst job in my pottery, even including doing to accounts! My arm and hand are really sore now from brushing the glaze through the sieve, thank goodness it was my dance class tonight, that helped a lot though typing is a bit sore. Hmm, need to rest it I think it’s all been a bit intense for the last couple of weeks, a weekend away will do me good.
The pic is of some mono printing that I have been playing with recently, I’m running out of things that are on the computer to show you, still no camera / computer communication.

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  1. potterboy says:

    Oh, how lucky you are. To go to such a lovely place (many of my ancestors are from Perthshire) and see some fantastic speakers. And then a ceiledh – I adore ceilidhs. I think I’d be praying for snow 🙂

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