Well the flapping and squawking of a Hannah in a tizz could probably be heard and felt all across south-west Scotland yesterday afternoon. After a lovely chat with Amanda in the morning where she commented that I was so much calmer than she had expected me to be I then had a major flap all afternoon, so much to do, what to do first, what take priority ta this point in time etc etc etc.
I had been going to go down to Cumbria this weekend, stay with my potter friend Ben Fosker and go to see John Dix demonstrate as of course I hadn’t seen him work last weekend at all. Then come thrusday I had Paul offering to help me with the chimney all saturday and I was shattered and couldn’t bear the thought of driving anymore either and so decided not to go after all and sent my apologies. Then yesterday Christine rang saying she was going and would I like a lift, so after a bit more flapping and squawking I said yes. It has been a great day, another long one and tiring again but great to see and good to visit Solway Ceramics finally – great set up there. I took a couple of pictures but they’re a wee bit blurry I’m afraid. Nevermind, it was good to see and I enjoyed watching his way of working as it is so very far from the way that I work.
The plate above is for a commission for the Geffrye Museum (that will of course be obvious if you read the lettering) hopefully the muddy colour that’s filling in the pelican will turn orange. Maybe I should have tested that first…..
Speaking of clay oh blimey I got a nice present the other day! Corr it’s a treat. Hopefully I’ll do something with it this week, ha in all that spare time I have you know, my lists for this week to come are huge and ever increasing in length and number. Right it’s clock forward night tonight and so it’s 10 o’clock already and I’ve yet another early start in the morning.

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6 Responses to Saturday

  1. Hey! What are you doing? You should be packing!!

  2. kateuk says:

    To do lists…they just get longer the more you do.I cannot understand how that happens.

  3. Paul Jessop says:

    I know what you mean, I haven't even got time to leave you a comment!.

  4. logo design says:

    Wow Geninne, I really love your blog's visual design! On another note, that's a very cute project you did there with the silver frame and mini-collage.

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