Saturday Sunshine and a Pretty Puppy

I have a new “thing”! It’s not a pot, I know that is unusual but it is instead a glorious bowl of Amanda’s. These pictures show you nothing of the subtle colours but I did like the shadows with the light behind the bowl. It was a present for ‘helping’ her at Origin, shhh don’t tell her but I had a great time.

Yesterday the weather was stupendous. It was glorious, sunshine, blue skies, no wind, heavenly. We cycled out the back of Clatteringshaws loch and over to Loch Dee. It’s wonderful up there, you are surrounded by hills and not far from Glen Trool. I love it.

We had a picnic lunch up by Loch Dee in the sunshine. There were many patched of grass and heather that were still in the shade of the trees that had a hearty coating of frost still on them and this was at 2 in the afternoon, it had obviously been a rather chill night up there.

I love piles of logs. I think I’ve probably posted a good many of them on here before but I can’t go past a pile of logs like that without stopping for a stroke or a sniff or a photograph.

Clatteringshaws from just by the visitor centre.

My mum and dad have a new dog – Bella, is she not a sweetie.

She’s come to be friends with the lovely Jessie.

Been working all day today, packed a glaze kiln and threw lots of mugs and generally started to reorganise in my head what is still to do before the C word which is 10 weeks away but means that in 7 weeks all my exhibitions will be well under way and the shows will all be over. Hmmm put it like that and what am I doing here blogging?

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4 Responses to Saturday Sunshine and a Pretty Puppy

  1. ang says:

    ha…! good point …back to work H..

  2. Peter says:

    The wee white bits on Amanda's lovely bowl remind me of a shoal of small fish swimming around, especially in the first picture. A really nice effect. I was wondering how your wood fired kiln was coming along (thinking about that yesterday as I fired mine). The pile of 09999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (oops, Ginger the cat clambered over the keyboard and is now purring gloriously attached to my chest!) As I was saying, the pile of logs in your photograph also reminded me of a kiln that I think you were building.Anyway, must away, the cat is cutting off the circulation in my right arm!PS, Ginger's genuine unedited addition to my comment was probably his very first actual recorded attempt at writing!

  3. Zoe says:

    Bella is soooo adorable, bring her to the gallery so we can have a cuddle! Z x

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