Rocks and Glass

The first issue of Craft&Design magazine with my diary piece in is now out, hasten to your local news agent and snap up a copy quick smart. I got a copy this afternoon, I haven’t read it, feels a bit weird but the pictures look good. It’s time to start thinking about the next issue already, the deadline is looming closer. Amanda is in it too, she out does me with three pages to my two but I think I’ll let her off just this once.

Crispy morning with low sunshine and general lovely but coldness. Beautiful.

Speaking of Amanda, I went to her workshop today for a long awaited visit to carry on my glass trials. I have been cutting coloured glass to layer onto a clear sheet which will next be fused together in the kiln to form a solid sheet before I go back and attack it with some grinding tools. It’s odd working with glass. So very very different, as it is at the moment it bears no resemblance to my materials at all. It’s hard and cold and sharp but at the same time strangely satisfying when you draw across it with the cutting tool giving barely a scratch in the surface and then “snap” and it breaks were you asked it to – mainly.

Anyhow this sheet above is how I left it and it’ll be softer edged and one sheet next time I see it, all being well. Looking forward to grinding it, I enjoyed that the last time I did any. Not entirely sure what it’s based on though we were talking about Hutton’s Unconformity and conchoidal fractures while we were working so maybe there’s some bedding plane influence there.

Lovely evening light too tonight and now it’s back to somewhere way below freezing but the stars are out and the moon is a gorgeous crescent.
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6 Responses to Rocks and Glass

  1. Ron says:

    Wow Hannah the magazine article looks great!

  2. ang says:

    ahhh landscape glass i can dig it!! cool article too, nicely done H..

  3. fionachapman says:

    Just got my copy. Your diary is really interesting. I look forward to reading it this year.

  4. ajsimmons says:

    good to have you in the studio…I hasten to add Hannah was talking about nonconformities and concordial fractures….personally I had no idea but i loved the words. Article is fab, looking forward to the next issue and sorry about the 3 pages!! hee hee (you'll be safe next issue).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hutton’s Unconformity and conchoidal fracture – we’ll definitely have some of that!!

  6. Hi! You are so quick! That article looks very interesting I will try and get the magazine.

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