Roast beef.

Unpacked my kiln today from the first glaze firing with some of my NFUS plates in. Had to run backwards and forwards from my workshop across to the barn where my kiln is in a snow storm! It’s been the wildest of wild weather these last few days. So far the snow hasn’t stuck but fingers crossed for tonight. I was complaining a couple of days ago about being fed up cycling to work in full waterproofs and with spare shoes in my bag through torrential rain evryday. Today there was no rain but there was snow and strong gusts of wind. Still, it does me good. Anyway I’m really pleased to have some of my cow plates fired and finished, it’s a relief. Another two bisque firings required and three more glaze. Hope we don’t get any power cuts. I really should try some raw glazing again. Doug do you raw glaze your pots?

So here’s a picture of a finished one. Twelve done, thirtythree to go.
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  1. doug fitch says:

    Hi HannahI used to raw glaze but had a bad firing a couple of years ago and lost my confidence with it. I mix brick clay into my earthenware for texture, but they put coal in it at the brickworks. Up until the first brick clay firing all went reasonably well, but the first brick clay firing came out with loads of grey carbon trapped under the glaze and the pots looked horrible. Ever since then, I’ve bisc fired, which is a very labour intensive way of doing things with wood. I’ve just been given an electric kiln, but it isn’t huge and some of my pots are quite big so it’s going to cost a fortune. I really didn’t know what I was doing with my wood kiln a couple of years ago but I think I could probably raw fire successfully now, I used to try and fire way too fast at all the stages of the firing when I needed to go slowly. My next firing is going to have a few raw pieces in as tests and if it works then I’ll go back to it. Clive fires most of his raw. Sorry, that was a long and rambling answer!

  2. chaetoons says:

    HannahSo glad i found you! Your work is awesome. Have explored your postings and the visuals of your work are inspiring !!! So well done.Can empathize with your cycling thru the cold rain, then the snow. As a child growing up, my family wintered in sunny Florida. Now, i find myself in Idaho with falling wintery pewter skies and 4 feet of snow on the ground. Snow drifts are well above my head.Love your work.HugsChae

  3. Hannah says:

    A good fall of snow would be lovely, we had a couple of millimeters on saturday but that’s all. Thanks for your lovely comments Chae.

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