Ring out the old ring in the new

The last day of the year, here already, it feels like barely a few weeks ago that I was locking the door on the cold dark night of December 31st 2007 and lighting the fire and preparing to hide away from all the commotion that becomes the world at this time of year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve, you’d probably guessed that already. What’s it all about? I don’t get it. I like the idea of a new start and new ideas and a new beginning and a clear out but the big fuss that is made about making you feel like you should be doing something overly exciting and special and fun and having a fabulous drunken time, well it’s not my thing. I always have a clear out these days in between Christmas and New Year, physically in the house and mentally. I like this time to sort my head out a bit, try to clear some of the rubbish that’s been accumulating over the last 12 months, some of the silly worries and idiotic ideas and things that I’ve found myself getting caught up in and annoyed or upset by. At least I try to give myself a bit of a fighting chance coming into a new year rather than start it laden down with baggage, impossible to get rid of it all I know but it’s worth a try.

So we went out for a walk today, another bitter cold day, minus 5 degrees C this morning. A bit parky as they say. We drove over to Caerlaverock Castle, it’s a cracking beautiful castle, all red sandstone and is the only triangular castle in Scotland. It’s good to walk around the estate, lots of marsh lands, lots of birds and some fab old woodland.

I think, if I remember at some point, it would be a great place to take some of my big pots and get them photographed in there, imagine one of my tree chargers up on the wall above that fireplace.

Fine old pots, slightly worse for wear but 13th and 14th century pots so it is to be expected. Baluster jugs rare in Scotland you know Doug.


Sorry the film is on it’s side, I forgot but I took it because as we arrived there was a wedding about to take place in the castle and the sound of Scotland was being piped across the grounds. Hope you can hear it.

2008, well it’s been as they all are, up down up down, trying to stay as steady as I can. Some of it has been fantastic, I’ve made some really great new friends this year and you will all know who you are and sadly lost one in Alan which was and still is a tremendous shock. I like to think I’ve made some really good pots this year, some of the best I’ve ever made. I’ve had some really fun times and seen some beautiful places, oh and some beautiful pots!

So 2009, what will it bring, who knows, all we can do is try our best. I wish you all a very happy and hopefully prosperous new year full of love and joy, laughter and peace, may you all achieve and be happy. So I’m off to lock the door, stoke the fire and sit down with Paul to enjoy a bottle of wine and a good meal.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

It’s never too late to try

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

You could be so many people

If you make that break for freedom

What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

Heather Small, Proud.

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12 Responses to Ring out the old ring in the new

  1. Ron says:

    Happy New Year to you and Paul.

  2. potterboy says:

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  3. potterboy says:

    Have you been to the reserve at Caerlaverock – lovely place – lots of geese at this time of year – one of my favourite places (not that I’ve been in a few years.)Anyway… enjoy your bottle of wine, and happy new year – I’m sure 2009 will be fab.

  4. ang says:

    howdy H, a lovely sum up to a great year, super to have such a place to chat with friends across the oceans, and what lovely pots you have made this year, i’ve enjoyed very much seeing something new every week, it’s all been very inspiring, here’s to the new, cheers ang x

  5. ajsimmons says:

    Fab post Hannah….HAPPY 2009!!lots of love Amanda x

  6. Happy 2009 Hannah. I really enjoyed reading that post. Let's hope for a prosperous & happy year. Hope to see you soon, love Tig n Matt x

  7. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks to Hannah for the ever cheerful and amusing blogettes (it makes compelling daily reading); amazing pottery which gives us pleasure daily; bed balancing act anecdotes (hopefully H will not join the dangerous sports society or we may she her bungee jumping off the bed). If artists didn’t pursue their talents the world would be a poorer place to live, but we all know it isn’t easy!! Best wishes for 2009 to ALL potters, artists worldwide and their friends.

  8. Zoe says:

    Happy New Year Hannah, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your pots a little better this year.May 2009 be a great year for you as a potter and in life in general!Zoe x

  9. Lovely sense of your Scottish landscape, Hannah. The Caerlaverock castle looks a lot like Toward Castle near Dunoon, where some of my people originated. We were there a few years ago, walking among the old stones, listening for the old spirits.Happy New Year to you!

  10. paul jessop says:

    Happy New Year to you and Paul. I tend to like to spend the time organising my mind for the year ahead, it’s not often you get the time and space to do it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Memories of New Years Eve celebrations:At a New Years Eve partyI had a chocolate cakeAnd cheesecake,And fruitcake,And ginger cake,And fudge cake,And brownie cake,And Christmas cake,After that I had stummer cakeHappy New Year 2009

  12. I was in Ireland a couple of years ago on honeymoon and Adam wanted to stop at a castle. I grudgingly did so with a wasting my time kind of attitude but was transported once we went in. There is such a feeling of time and sense of a past prescence. Hard to describe. I was hooked though. I couldn’t get enough of them after that. Some were just these little crumbled ruins just standing there on the sides of roads and then those that were maintained that you could walk around in. You could almost hear the past. It was really neat and beautiful anyway. You are lucky to live in such a place.

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