Regular Service Resumed

Now at the risk of appearing totally unprofessional a question for you. . . Can you name the creatures that left the marks in these photos in the snow in Galloway yesterday? Not one little flake of snow today and I was very much looking forward to a good heap of it to play in. I love the feeling that snow brings as long as I don’t have to get anywhere very far away for a certain time.

I think I might try tying two slip trailers together to see if I can recreate the trails above. Our local friendly game keeper popped in to the workshop yesterday morning and the first thing he said was “Did you have fun on your way to work this morning?” Yes you guessed it I did ride my bike in a slightly less straight line than usual all the way from home to work. It was great, it amused me to think that some people driving after me would wonder what had been going on and probably that some so intent on other things wouldn’t even notice.

Thank you to all you commented on my post yesterday, there was a little more to the story but I felt it wasn’t right to discuss the whole issue on here. Anyway you got the gist of it. Thank you for your support to all you regular commenters and to the lurkers who felt strongly enough to leave there comments.
I did a lot of throwing today and as a result was feeling rather achy by the time I got home. I had tried yesterday to throw a couple of my chargers but my mind wasn’t fully on the job and I kept flopping the rims on them, today was much more of a success I’m pleased to say.

This one is mad isn’t it, there were two similar ones in the farm yard when I arrived there, I have an incling as to what I think but I’ll see what you all think before I tell you my ideas.
There was another issue regarding professionalism raised on the radio this morning while I was still tuned into BBC Radio 2. Apparently a course given to Bank of England staff by an outside agency, during the lunch break from what I can gather, stated that to be sucessful and to be taken as a serious professional, women must always wear high heels and make-up to work. I couldn’t even bear to listen to all the discusion, Radio 4 was quickly saught. You can imagine my thoughts on that issue! It deserves no more comment from me.
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12 Responses to Regular Service Resumed

  1. Ron says:

    Love the bike tyre lines.

  2. ang says:

    you had a fun trek, way to work it H…

  3. Peter says:

    Hannah, I was delighted to come across your blog for the first time today (I’m rather new to blogging myself). I really love your work (I really like the jug that is below the harvest jug in your 30 Jan posting). It is so good to see potters like yourself keeping the tradition of slipware pottery going in such a lively way. I live in New Zealand, having emigrated here (with great protests!) from the UK with my parents in the 1970s and the closest I can get to slipware is to look at a handful of pieces at the Otago Museum in Dunedin. There is rather a nice harvest jug there in particular. People seem very afraid of lead glazes here, so I only use them on the outside of my wood fired planters. Sadly there is not much of a market for planters here as we are flooded with mass produced offerings from China, 3 for $5, etc! How do potters deal with lead glazes in the UK, are you bound by lots of regulations?Best Regards,Peter

  4. Glad you’re back at it, Hannah.

  5. paul jessop says:

    Hi Hannah, I think I’ve guessed the markings on the floor, it looks like your Game Keeper has thrown a dead Pheasant on the floor.NOW ! CAN WE GET BACK TO THE SERIOUS USE OF A bLOG.I saw a beautiful handbag in a shop today but i don’t think the colour will match my shoes, what do you think ? chat – chat, chat,chat,chat,chat, gossip, gossip gossip.

  6. ang says:

    paul i reckon you should get the shoes too! and the matching twin set….go with the chartreuse, it’s def. your shade……………………

  7. paul jessop says:

    It’s me again.I’ve just been looking at Brandon Phillips blog inhttp://supportyourlocalpotter.blogspot.comHe is showing his full kiln building kit, with somegood building tips, worth a look I think.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Photo 1 – I recognise the marks in the snow. It’s a senior management audit trail from a vascillating Scottish based organisation. If they make incorrect decisions, they can re-trace their steps and start again. Good response to the dress code item. I presume we will not be seeing you in Deer-stalker, bright red lip-stick, dungarees & high-heel shoes in the workplace.If you are toting a stihl that is ALL the power dressing you will ever need. Could become the ‘MUST HAVE’ accessory for 2009!!

  9. You made that gamekeeper happy!Oh, and Rodger says ‘wing marks’ so may be it WAS a pheasant, dead or otherwise.I really like your new pots by the way, both the shapes and the loose decoration.

  10. Hannah says:

    Yes I thought it might have been an owl pouncing on somthing little, def wings though, beautiful, never seen that before.

  11. Anonymous says:

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