Reclaiming my "Oops!"

At the demo at Taena the other week I kept being asked “but doesn’t your slip ever splat out of your trailers?” Answer – YES!!!!! This morning on a big charger that I was decorating. Oops Oops and double Oops.

Seems like ages since I have been decorating anything. It’s good to have the slip flowing again, I really enjoyed it.
I had visitors this morning, that was fun, my good friend Phil and his lovely partner Louise with their two wee boys. I introduced Alex the older one to the joys of red clay, hope he enjoyed it, his snails are sitting drying out and awaiting firing.
Then it rained! Oh my how lovely I couldn’t resist the temptation to go and dance in it in the farmyard and then once I was fairly drenched my sensible head kicked in and said Hannah come on get back to work. A few minutes of bliss though, wonderful.
Ah yes and for Ang Mr la la la was represented on the beautifully named “Pots from France” stall. There are a number of potters who do travel from Europe for the show and even one John Stroomer from Australia.
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