Pugmills and teapots.

I have acquired two things in the last couple of days and I thought I’d share them with you.

Number 1: My new pugmill, it is covered in some white stuff at the moment which the man I got it from assures me is clay. White clay! Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. It is currently being stored in the barn but does need to be installed in the workshop at a point when I have the time and inclination to build a bench for it.

Number 2: A veritable bargain of an ebay purchase for a really sweet little old Wally Keeler teapot. It’s a very nice little teapot, looking forward to having my tea from it. It’s got a lovely incised swirl on the handle and on the lid but you can’t see it very well in the photo.

It’s been a hell of a day. I had to pop into town to see our fabulous Arts and Crafts Development Officers today for a bit of help in resizing some photos to specific sizes, they are a fab pair and always helpful along with being great people and good fun. On the way back I had to stop as I came upon a nasty accident on the main road home, tried to help but where on earth does the first aid training disappear to when you need it? Thankfully the emergency services came really fast.
After a rather long detour home because the road was shut I happily abandoned the car to cycle down to the workshop, lovely afternoon glazing pots with the door and window open and the smell of diesel and cow slurry drifting in from the tractors in the yard. My friend Debbie also rang which is always a good distraction, she works in a pottery in the British Virgin Islands and is as mad as a hatter.
I came home a bit late to find Paul standing shaking in the kitchen. On closer inspection it was easy to see why, he’d been out on his bike and had a big off in the forest. So I’ve just finished cleaning him up, pretty deep nasty full of mud and twigs cuts on his face and I think he might have left a bit of his upper lip in the forest. He’s hurting a lot now with swollen knees and wrists. Thank heavens for helmets, it definitely saved his head, it needs fixing with a new one now (the helmet not the head!)
Anyway I think some chocolate and an early night is now called for.

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5 Responses to Pugmills and teapots.

  1. Ron says:

    Congrats on the pugmill! I could not live without mine. It’s a great tool. Cool teapot too, it’s neat to see early work of the ‘famous potters’.Hope Paul is well now that you’ve doctored him up a bit. Take care. Ron

  2. ang says:

    nice pug, you dark clay junkie you! just kidding..what were your final thoughts on your pricing drama?

  3. Hannah says:

    Haven’t made any decisions yet but I like the increase by 10% suggestion from Ron though I don’t want to start dealing with random £10.80p type things just because of the hassle with change and the size of price labels. I need to sort it by this time next week for the trade show.Best wishes,

  4. ang says:

    hi hannah, yeh I go through the same grief with costing my design work & generally put it up by c.p.i each year but the clay work we round up to the whole dollar, it makes giving change easier too. All the best with the show.

  5. Mochaware says:

    Nice pug! I have an old Walker myself, really its just a meat grinder – yours will do a much better job I’m sure. Thanks for posting, I’ll be sure to check back at some point, cheers!

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