Due to a request I have removed my post from sunday. I felt I was highlighting an important exhibition in the Scottish calender but it has been suggested to me that by linking to it from my blog I could be seen to be making light of serious businesses.

I can’t say I wasn’t somewhat surprised by this comment as I feel I do my utmost to be as professional as possible within my business. I was as I say simply bringing peoples attention to an exhibition which if they were in the area they may wish to visit being as most visitors to this blog have an interest and appreciation of the visual and applied arts.

My blog is about pottery, my work and the things I make. I am not a machine so as a result the things that happen around me have a huge part to play in how I work and what I create. I felt that people who are interested in my pots might be interested in what it takes to get them to that finished state and by that I do not mean just the throwing, decorating and firing but the things that I see and experience that influence the forms and decoration and the way that I think that has an impact on the manner in which I work.

Apparently this sort of website is used by young girls who just want to chat. Now I do believe there are blogs out there like that but I must say I don’t know any and I haven’t read any. For me a blog is simply a tool which for me works as a straight forward, easy to update way for me to communicate what it is that is happening in my pottery. Again I don’t keep up with them regularly but I know that a certain Mr Barrack Obama, The Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Mark Mardell the BBC’s Europe Correspondent keep on-line blogs do they then fall into that category of unprofessional and just wanting to chat?

My style of writing is chatty and again the gist of the conversation was that this also makes it unprofessional. Yes, I agree whole heartedly it is chatty, it’s me that is writing it and that is the way I am. I want people to be able to understand what it is I am trying to communicate. It’s not that I am uneducated or dim, I don’t use dozens of big serious words in my everyday conversations either, not because I don’t know any but just because it’s not me and I don’t think I have to speak or write in multi-syllable words to be professional. I agree there are styles of writing for different occasions and hopefully the one I use here fits well with the purpose of my blog. I want what I do to be accessible to everyone. I don’t want to upset or put people off with my use of language because I am too chatty or indeed because I am too unapproachable by what I write.

As a person I try to be patient and understanding, to give everyone and everything the attention and consideration that they deserve. I try not to disregard anyone else’s practise though of course not every other art form appeals directly to me but I do try to consider the process, inspiration and reason behind other work. So as a result I am sorry to no longer advertise on this blog a particular event that I am very pleased and proud to have been selected for. I have chosen to remove the post because as I say I don’t want to upset anyone or make anyone feel that I am in some way undermining the work of any person or group of people. That was not my intention and I am still unsure as to how I have managed to do that but there you have it.

As a friend just said, surely it’s the content of the blog and not the format that is important.

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  1. I read your post from yesterday and found it both interesting and informative. Who ever made this ‘suggestion’ has obviously never read your blog, or they would know that you are not only professional but one of the most dedicated ‘artist craftpersons’ I know and as such they are ultimately the losers. I love your style of writing – you are a brilliant communicator.

  2. ajsimmons says:

    Hannah, you know my thoughts on this subject….I just wanted to add my support. What a great post!Amanda x

  3. Hannah, don’t change the way you write your blog. It’s you – your pots and your words and your deerstalker hat. This is a personal thing, this blog-writing. If someone doesn’t like what you write, what you make, your eyeglasses, whatever … that’s their loss. There are plenty of other blogs and websites for them to run to. I look in here all the time because I like your pots, your words and your spirit. Don’t let someone change that.

  4. Ron says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ron says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I regret that I cannot fully understand what happened but can feel only brief overview because of my poor english.I would like you to continue yor style of this blog as very natural talking so I can feel you somewhat like friend even you are professional potter and I’m just only amature potter in Japan far from England. And I can learn so many things about Slipare.Takashi

  7. barbjensen says:

    How very ridiculous! Your mentioning the show was the very best kind of publicity for the gallery. I think you came across an old fogey out there. I love your blog!

  8. bob says:

    Hannah,I’m a long time reader, but this is my first time posting. I tend to skulk in the background, absorbing the great pottery I see on most blogs, but rarely get involved. I love your work and the insights into your work process. But I felt I had to post because I just got so upset and I wanted to let you know that you are in every sense a professional. The standard of excellence you create in your work speaks so highly of your skill, creativity and your work ethic. You are an artist in every sense of the word, and deserve to be proud of the achievement of getting into that show. You also had every right, as a participating artist in the show, to announce it and share your view. Keep your head up and keep up the great work!! You are an amazing artist and deserve to be proud of showing and exhibiting your work!!Bob B.

  9. Amy says:

    Hi! I’m in Ron Philbeck’s slipware class in Charlotte, NC. What I’ve appreciated in part about your blog (I’m learning much from it) is your honesty and humility about the process. It says much about you that you share so openly. Don’t let anyone change that. Of course others will disagree at times. Just be you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    what a load of old rubbish,please keep up the good work. I really enjoy your blog. I bet diarists in the past had moaners, just think what we would have lost if they’d taken heed of them.Anyway how would I be able to see pictures of your newly built kiln, i’m looking forward to that and of course the fantastic results. Tim

  11. Jude says:

    Hmmm I find it kind of creepy that someone is monitoring and censoring your blog?? I got all kinds of angry on your behalf and then just thought, what a mean spirited, ignorant jobsworth, missing the point entirely and ruining your day. Your post DID make me wish I could go to the exhibition. Free promotion for idiot Ludites who are maybe envious of your talent? Score one for the bubble bursters, but our Hannah shall prevail!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The VAS post was essentially about sharing information, with a link to the VAS site. It was very informative, we intend visiting the exhibition(going to see the artists not the management), had we not read the post we would not have known about this exhibition (well done Hannah for having a piece accepted). We all need a little help from our friends in these challenging times, but obviously not on this occasion. This blog has an international following Japan, Australia, America etc. How can we best use this – Censorship? I don’t think so.

  13. Rick Hamelin says:

    Restore your post and add the “suggestion”. Let each one of us make up our own minds. Don’t forget, it was Wagner who dethroned Felix Mendelsohn (who was played more than Mozart while alive) with lies and deceptive accusations. You aren’t successful until the critics crawl out from under their rocks.

  14. Jerry says:

    I did not have a chance to read the post in question before it was removed, but it sounds like it was giving information about a show that you are going to be involved in. That is a perfectly reasonable and expected post on this blog, or any potter’s blog. I have always enjoyed your blog since I was introduced to it. Nothing needs to be changed, aside from restoring that post. Keep up the good work, both here and in the studio.

  15. ang says:

    sorry H totally missed the whole shebang, a bit of excitement in bloggy eh?

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