Presentable Presents

Just to prove (mainly to myself) that my stand at the Great Northern wasn’t set up wonky as it looked in the image that I had taken of it, here’s a professional photo of it. Taken by James Photography at the event. I was pleased when I saw this as on mine the boards all looked squint.

This weekend I will be at Broughton House on the High Street in Kirkcudbright at an event called Presentable Presents. It is the former home and studio of Hornel, one of the Glasgow Boys. It’s open 10am till 4pm and entry to the house and the fair is free. Wrap up warm though it’s a tad chilly.
This teapot picture was sent to me by a gentleman who reads the blog, thank you ever so much, it is indeed a beauty.
This morning I had the unpleasant discovery while preparing to glaze some pots that my wax resist appears to have gone off. It still worked fine but it stinks to high heaven, most unpleasant.
It’s a blooming cold night here, I just fell asleep in a hot bath, (I’m shattered this week and hungry all the time, it might be because of the cold) but the fire is stoked up and I’m about to settle in under a blanket with a good book. No snow this part of the country – yet. Keep warm all.

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  1. ang says:

    would a lil detol help?? or leave the lid off…. i do seem to remember dropping some disinfectant in some r/c paper clay that also gets stinky :))

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stand looks great in these pictures! Very Pro.. We went to Broughton House when we were up the first time, well worth a look even without the added bonus of 'presentable presents' and free entry, althought, if I remember right I think it was free when we went as well, some kind of antiques roadshow going on… Old EA had a nice house, and a lovely garden, (in the summer).You need to get that woodkiln finished and fired, that'd keep you warm!Dave x

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