Pre Fling Friday

I just had Blogger Andrew giving me a hand with some pre Fling preparation this morning which was great, thanks Andrew, hope Potfest is going to be good for you.
So the shelves are up, the gazebo is up, in the barn in the end, it’s been a bit windy today and I just didn’t think I could risk it but it sort of encloses a bit of space and saves my pots getting lost in the huge barn as a whole. Thanks Clare and Simon, the poshest gazebo I have ever seen!

I unpacked a bisque this afternoon and got it all glazed and packed in the kiln again, these pots will be for Germany. I’ve had a half dozen visitors today, early for the Fling but they have all come and bought pots which is a great start. They took the things that were my favourite too, 4 of my most favourite of my new pots which is at once fabulous and a bit sad that I won’t have them to show off for the rest of the weekend. Never satisfied am I. This dragon jug was the first to go, the one I had put the little story on the back, I was very pleased with it and I’m going to make up some more stories to do that with I think.

The tile panel is finished, hope you like it you two. I can’t sell you Blogger Andrew’s shadow to go with it though, that is priceless.
So the pots are all spread out and hopefully looking pretty, they’re not priced yet, that’s tomorrow morning’s job, along with the pinning up of more signs and I think that’ll be me about there. If you pop in over the weekend please do come and say hello, and if you are flinging throughout the region then do enjoy yourselves and have a wonderful time. To all the other participants, have a great weekend and enjoy all your visitors.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Scary dragon jug looks great not to mention the ghost overlaid tiles.

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