Pottery Continues

2014 - 2 In amongst the shock and sadness of recent days, the world carries on. Today I taught a class at Kilquhanity Children’s Village just near here. A class of students from Kinokuni Children’s Village are there and they wanted some pottery classes.

2014 - 3We worked on tiles with sgraffito and wet slip. It is a joy to watch children work uninhibited with clay. The deftness of marks made with a rubber kidney on some of the pieces was stunning and I imagine harks to the calligraphy.



2014 - 5

2014 - 6For myself it is time to get pots selected and packed up ready for Potfest in the Park. Doug and I travel there tomorrow and the show opens on Friday through till Sunday at Hutton in the Forest.I think this is my favourite of all the shows that I do, a lovely setting, not too far from home and wonderful companions. The sun should be set to shine the whole weekend I think so it would be wonderful if you could come along and visit. We hope to see you there.

2014 - 4

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3 Responses to Pottery Continues

  1. Paula Foster says:

    Really looking forward to Pots in the Park and seeing you there with your distinctive yellow and brown pots. I’m glad it’s your favourite show – it’s such a special place and always a laid back, friendly atmosphere.

  2. Anne says:

    We hope the sun and seeing old friends will help lift your spirits… Sunshine is magical that way… So are children… No matter what happens children find time to laugh and play… They are so adept at living the moment in front of them and allowing joy in… I hope the weekend brings some joy…

  3. mimi champlin says:

    One day perhaps. Would be a sweet event to see in person! Enjoy and love as you can. Our time is never long enough but it can be full of good memories.

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