Pottery and Printery

This week I have taken pots out of the kiln finished with lovely, shiny, rich, glowing, melted, still attached to the pot glazes. The detail above is of the Pineapple / Bush / Artichoke plate. I’m going with the artichoke suggestions for a description, thank you to those who commented.

These two plates that I trailed today are a commission for a lady who has been buying my pots ever since I first exhibited at Potfest. She is a calligrapher and wanted me to do some thing with ‘The Wise Old Owl’ quote on it. These plates are to sit above a doorway, one on the outside, one on the inside, so it’s an owl head and an owl bottom.

Much fun to decorate. When she was explaining where she wanted them to go I thought straight away of the front and back of the owl and before I could check myself it just slipped out. Thankfully she was the sort of soul who appreciated the humour / weirdness of my brain and laughed out loud agreeing at once.

Slip Trail Artichoke plate, approx 11″ diameter. £175.

Slip Trail Humbug Footed Jugs approx 6″ high £90 each

Some new ones of my cheeky Humbug jugs with feet. Again these came out of the kiln this week, it’s so good to have some real pots again.

This week in the print class we cut into the same lino block again to then be able to print over the top of the first prints. I didn’t want to cut much from the original, scared of spoiling it. I cut some decoration into the necks of the jugs and this is an example of the over printing.

Finally for you is a pressed dish that I got out this week too. My first use of paper resist. I’ve never worked with it before but this was inspired by the print making that I have been doing. I’m excited about the possibilities there. I have sketches in my sketch book from what feels like decades ago while I was working with Jason I think, (that was one decade ago actually) of pots on pots so it’s good to do some more of that.

So that’s this week’s achievements, I have a bisque to unpack and repack with glazed pots tomorrow to be out Monday all being well to send to Cumbria for a new exhibition. Happy weekend all.

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8 Responses to Pottery and Printery

  1. Jane Booth says:

    Yay! Glad to hear your glaze firing was fine! I love the footed humbug jugs, they are gorgeous.

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    Hannah, everything is lovely. The surface of your Artichoke plate is so rich it looks like chocolate and caramel !

  3. Tim says:

    Amazing artichoke,glad you sorted the glaze.

  4. Superb work as ever. To do the writing so neatly must have been a complete labour of love.

  5. That first photo of the close up artichoke- oh my stars, that is lovely.

  6. Phew, welcome back to normality and goodbye Monster Kiln that DESTROYS.
    Artichoke plate an absolute winner and so good to get sizes and price of pieces, really helps understanding what you are looking at. Trouble is that price sits in your brain and makes you think could I get that? And creeps round to the weak unresisting bit that just wants it, has to have it, ought to own it, wouldn’t it look wonderful and who cares about the gas bill bit. Sinister

  7. So much for staying strong, if you haven’t already sold the plate please may I have it. Also where can I buy wooden stands the same as yours or do you make them? If you make them tell me how so I can x

  8. Hannah says:

    Thank you all, yes it is great to have pots again, lets hope I can keep that up.
    Hi Dixie, wondered if you would notice that addition from your advice, now to remember to keep doing it. Yes the plate is available if you would like it. I’m sure it would enjoy being in the company of your growing slipware collection.

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