Pots on show

If you happen to be wandering down the high street in Castle Douglas this month with a few minutes to spare then pop into Designs and have a nosy. There is a great (if I may say so myself) display of pots in there in the gallery space at the back of the shop. It’s great to see so much of my work together but not in my workshop, looks completely different in there. I’ll take my camera the next time I’m in the town and take some pictures, I forgot it today I’m afraid.
All good here today, glazed and packed my first glaze kiln of the year, it’ll be great to have some new pots out and about, feels like it’s been a slow start so far this year but I am excited about the things that are slowly happening. Much less humph today you’ll be glad to here.

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  1. I can't wait to see your pots in the gallery.Looks like a great place.Pots and rugs- new to me but what a great way to show your work.

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    When I first moved to Fredericksburg there was a shop that sold 'Wallpaper & Guns'! I like pots and rugs better.

  3. Hannah says:

    Only in America Dan!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re yesterday, do you call having a haircut 'having a pow'? (has to be said with a Aspull accent). Perhaps it was just Horwich, or even just 'top siders'……

  5. Hannah says:

    Er, no anonymous, I don't.

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