Pots in their new homes

A commission for a slip trailed oval plate for serving a Christmas turkey being used over the festive period.




This fat jug with slip trailed people now resides just outside of Fredericksburg in Virginia, USA with what appears to be a never ending supply of beautiful flowers from a quite incredible garden.


A little wood fired cross hatch tapered jug that now lives in London alongside some lovely Cardew pieces.




In Spring of 2012 I made a Diamond Jubilee Charger, slip trailed with the Queen on a swing in a Golden Ash tree. He crown hangs on a nearby branch and the corgis are at her feet. It is 17″ diameter and was fired in my wood kiln. Here it is in it’s new home with a Silver Jubilee plate by John Hudson and a Harry Juniper harvest jug.


One of a set of my Humbug mugs that I posted safely across the Atlantic to their new home on a snowy day in a cabin in upstate New York. I can send pots anywhere in the world either surface mail through the Royal Mail or by air through a courier, I am happy to work out a quote for postage if you were interested in a particular piece.


Thanks to Jon and Jo for this picture of my trio of harvest jugs in their home. These were made in 2009. On the right there a rather fantastic Elizabethan Lady Jug by Doug Fitch.




Slip trail Oak Tree tile panel behind a stove in Derbyshire. These tiles were made to order for this particular space, each is hand rolled and then slip trailed with the design, in this case the collectors had asked for an oak tree and my small birdies designs and I had to lay the whole panel out on the floor in order to be able to work right across it in one go.


Slip Trail Birdie Dish with tasty rabbit pie piping hot and fresh out of the oven. Thanks to the Bloomfields for this.




Slip Trail Crazy Daisy Baluster Jug with Sunflowers.





Slip Trail Footed Jug in its new home in Nova Scotia. Thanks Jane.




Slip Trail Commemorative Oak Tree Plate for  Ron and Sarah.