Pots in Place

Well, strictly speaking tiles in place. You may remember pictures of these tiles in the various stages of preparation, decoration and finish, and the picture of Dave and Sue looking at them in the farm yard at Spring Fling. Well here they are in situ in their kitchen, what do you think? I made tiles years ago while I was still working at Jason’s for my mum and dad’s fireplace, these are the first I’ve done since then. I am very pleased with them and miraculously they seem to even fit the space that they were supposed to fit into.
Thanks for the pictures you two, I hope the tiles keep you happy for many years.

In the mean time however I am getting very frustrated. There is so so much to do and I had so many plans for the summer. Potfest in the Park is coming up and I had hoped to have some new things made for that as it is the first time I’ve done it and I really wanted to have something new and great there. I do have lots of pots but it’s the same nark with me, I’ve seen them before and I want some new ones, there’s nothing wrong with the ones I have, and most people visiting the show won’t have seen them before but it’s just me being awkward and eternally unsatisfied with my pots. I especially wanted to have finished my kiln by now and wanted to be well underway with the pots for the first firing, it is very hard not being able to work. I do have lots of annoying things to do, you know the accounts, sorting the mailing list, making sure new exhibition and events are listed on the website but you know how it is they’re not what I want to do so I shall ignore them for as long as possible. I’ve also got the next article for the Craft&Design magazine to write but I don’t want it to end up being a moaning piece if I’m still frustrated though there is a lot to tell that’s happened over the last couple of moths without spending 1000 words on my neck. I can’t spend that long at the computer either as it still hurts to sit with my arms out in front of me for too long. My neck exercises are coming along a treat though, my arms feel like they do belong to my body again and are not separate entities dangling by a hugely sensitive spiders web feeling every jolt and movement as nasty pain, and I can, slowly, turn my head again and Paul is pleased that I can now wash the dishes again. Hopefully it won’t be too long now, I’m trying to be gentle but to still do stuff, normal stuff, not hoiking bags of clay obviously, so that I can get the muscles used to what they should be able to do again. “Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained after the body is thrown in a sudden, forceful jerk.” Makes me feel a bit sick just thinking about what actually happens to your body in a crash, eek, even in what is essentially a relatively minor one like this. Well maybe those accounts will get attacked this afternoon…

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9 Responses to Pots in Place

  1. ang says:

    ooh ahhh, nice fit H and very rusticky…

  2. Ron says:

    I'm sure you've getting frustrated. Hang in there. Like you said, you have plenty of pots. I know what you mean about wanting some new things for a show though.The tiles look Great!! Well done. Looks like they have some nice pottery in that side cupboard.

  3. the tiles look great! I would love to know more about the stove.Looks interesting.pain in the neck- i have been having trouble this year and some days are better then others.Best-M

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad everyone else is as impressed with the tiles as we are. We are really happy with them!The stove is a 1970's Rayburn Royal (lots of info on the internet). It burns wood mostly, with some coal to keep it in at night, and heats our water, runs a heated towel rail and 1 radiator, all by convection, no electricity needed for pumps. It also has 2 ovens, one hot one for cooking, and 1 warming oven for plates or keeping food hot, plus it has a large hotplate on the top, very hot at one end (over the fire, graduating to simmering at the other end (near the flue). On top of all that, the kitchen is like toast all day, lovely when you come down in the morning. No wood firing potter should be without one! (Downsides are dust all over the kitchen from clearing the ashes in the morning, and it does really get through the wood, especially if you cook on it a lot, anf the kitchen is boiling if you are cooking on it when it's not cold outside.Glad your neck is geting better Hannah, and sorry we wont see you at Rufford. Look forward to catching up at Penrith.Also, re your question over the weekend, 30/06, and it's a big one!Dave & Sue x(sorry for writing so much, didn't mean to take over you blog!)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Lady Gaga should have a name change to Lady Aga and represent the wood burning stove fraternity!!

  6. Linda B says:

    Is that a Katrin Moye bowl on the dresser?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes, and a jug above it. What else can you identify?

  8. Hannah says:

    A Mary W jug and some Fitch plates.Whose is the tenmoku mug at the top?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Crouch – Ludlow…. Plus there is the corner of a Fitch Tankard on top of the dresser (took both hands to get it up there), a flowery mug from Whitby next to Andrew, and Penny Simpson Salt Pig(let), a pink Portugese eartherware tankard and the edge of a Wendy Barlow? 'wallpaper and green' jug…. Should have got more of the dresser in really shouldn't I?Like the new web-siteCome on England!dave

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