Had an amazingly glorious sunny hot day down at Hutton in the Forest near Penrith at Potfest in the Park today, in fact I think I got a bit too much sun. Being a red head that doesn’t take a lot, the heat gets to us pretty fast. Spent most of the day talking to people that I knew and looking at what were on the whole very good pots. It was a very sociable day.
Some lovely slipware, not that I am at all biased in that direction – well ok I am a bit. Jenny Hall and Paul Young, always good to see them. A couple of Dutch potters whose work I love, Mathieu van der Geissen whose pots are gentle and warm like the one that has found it’s way into the photo above oops it’s on my kitchen table and the oh so lovely Niek Hoogland whose decoration is so free and special. I have a jug of Niek’s which I got from Aberystwyth and I love. He had a beautiful many handle pot, just a little one, sneaked in the back of the stand which I saw and loved but he wasn’t selling it. He has made it for the harvest jug exhibition at Winchcombe so hands off all you slipware fans, I really would love to have it, I’m going to dream about it tonight. Niek is going to Hatfield so all go and see him, both him and his work are great. I’m pleased that he will be back to show at Potfest in the Pens too which I will be at so I can have another ogle of his pots.
I’m struggling to remember that day very well and though I took my camera I completely forgot to take any pictures. I saw Matthew Blakely with pots from his new kiln which looked rather good. My friend James Hake was exhibiting which was a nice surprise and another good friend Christine Smith and of course the wonderful Francoise Dufayard.
I’m feeling like I could do with another dip in the sea tonight but Paul is still away and Lizzie is I do believe having a guest to stay for a few days. Ho hum, actually the heat change might just be too much of a shock to the system.
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  1. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah. Hope you’re not sunburned. I was looking at Josie Walter’s website today and noticed that she was going to be at Potfest.I like her pots. Sounds like it was a great show.Doug skyped me today from his dad’s house. He has a camera and mic there so we had a brief chat live and in person (well sort of). Talk to ya soon.Ron

  2. I enjoyed your post and the lovely new plate. I skipped over to the potfest site and found that I could download a copy of the poster. It’s going into the studio today with me for a little Brit inspiration! Great images.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi Vicki, thanks very much. Potfest is a great show, I like both of the Penrith events, the Park because of the setting and the Pens because it’s open for everyone to exhibit, no selection procedure so everyone gets the same chance which I do think is important as it’s hard to get started isn’t it.

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