Potfest Pots

A few more pics from Potfest the other week, feels like months ago already though. Where does the time go? While we were driving home I was beginning to worry that I hadn’t much planned for the next few months but something happened and this week I have been inundated which is great but does set me into a little panic once more. Next deadline is approaching very very quickly, I’m hoping the sun that was so glorious today will stay with us so I can get the pots dried out in a slightly speedier but not too swift manner. Fingers crossed.

I took this plate to Potfest, I was pleased with a lot of the new pots including the plate and the square baking dishes. The one below was one of the first things I sold swiftly followed by the rest of the squared dishes, did I already tell you this? I can’t remember. Anyhow at least three customers said they had seen them in progress on the blog, interesting.

I only purchased one pot while at Potfest, a rather splendidly lively wacky goblet by a Mr Ben Fosker who has been making pots for a few years whilst on various courses. This was his first show however and if you want to see passion and enthusiasm for what he does Ben has it by the bucket load. The pots at the moment are I believe hand built and salt glazed, he wants to keep the clay in the pot alive he says. My goblet is utterly fantastic but blimey it holds an awful lot of wine Ben.

They are very much in the vein of Simon Carrol but also reminded me of Peter Smith who I saw in June. That jug on the right there I was tempted by too.

Busy old day the day, my list appears to have taken on a mind of it’s own and seems to be reproducing and adding more and more all by itself over night. I attacked it with vigor this morning but barely appear to have made a dent on it. Think it’ll be a busy working weekend coming up.

Holiday snap of the day, Porlock beach stones with my foot prints.
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3 Responses to Potfest Pots

  1. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, Cool that the square baker was a hit. I'll get a snap of the plate and send it to ya soon. I'll be putting it up on my blog too. Still lots to post about the trip.Time for Friday nite pizza and a movie. Hi to Paul. Chat soon.

  2. Anna says:

    Love the square dish. Which technique do you use? Cutting a piece from the inside center or pushing in slicing off from the sides? Or something entirely different?!

  3. Hi, Hannah. Those pots of Fosker's are a lively bunch, aren't they?

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