Potfest in the Park 2010

So tomorrow I’ll be off to Potfest in thePark at Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith, Bloggers Margaret and Christine will also be exhibiting and many other fab and grand potters besides. Do come along and see us, it’ll be a great show.
I think I have finally decided what to do with my stand, I had some grand master plans but after getting in a tizz this morning when I realised that my plan wasn’t actually possible (I am a potter after all not a joiner – thank goodness!) I have opted for the very simple and hopefully straightforward option. The boxes are packed, I might just have a couple more things to unpack tomorrow fingers crossed the kiln cools down enough over night. Then that’s that, pack up the van and go.
If you are in the Cambridge area between now and September 12th then you might like to call in at Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery to see the “A Breath of Fresh Air” exhibition which has some of my pots in it.

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4 Responses to Potfest in the Park 2010

  1. Nu Kua says:

    I wish you lots of fun and good sales!grtz,Monique

  2. Joseph says:

    looking forward to visiting Potfest in the Park this year. I will be looking for ideas for my own stalls in the future, as I didn't pay enough attention all those others years I went

  3. gz says:

    Hope you have good sales and plenty inspiration!

  4. Anna says:

    Good luck at the Pot Fest.Just found your blog & website.Would love a post on your beastie oil pourers.

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