Potfest and Dragons

This weekend I visited Potfest in the Pens in Penrith, I couldn’t resist, another whole big bunch of potters and pots and in relation to most of the other shows so very close to home, I had to go. I picked up fellow potter Ben Fosker on the way south who kept me greatly entertained with stories during the journey. It was very odd being there but being on the public side of it rather than behind a stand, I’ve done that show for the last 6 years I think, maybe 7 even, I’m not sure now and then before that I’d done it with Jason and before that I’d had a half stand on my own with the awful pots that I was making when I left uni. It took me about and hour to cover the first one and a half rows as every few steps someone stopped to say hello, stand holders or visitors alike. I had two people ask me where my stand was as they couldn’t find me and I met many others who I’d spoken to at the Park last weekend and where there for more pottery sustenance. Who can blame them. It did make me realise though just how hard it is for a member of the public going round something like that. I saw something I thought I would get for a friend’s birthday coming up but by the time I got to the end I couldn’t remember what it was never mind where it was, I had failed to write it down and so I still don’t know what it was. However I did then find something that was I now think even better than the first thing. You need a lot of stamina and a lot of concentration. I was exhausted! I was nearly horse from talking and catching up with people. The lovely Geordie boys had done a great job of telling everyone about the accident bless them so all the ones that knew me were asking after me. There were a lot of new people there too, sticking in my mind was Mark Fitzgerald who Andrew Douglas has mentioned in his post about the show. I didn’t get back to his stand for a second look sadly else I think I’d have come away with one of his pots. Andrew’s pots were looking good though, I’ve never seen a whole bunch of them together in real life, keep at it Andrew, there were some lovely pots there on your stall.

Here is another little video of today’s jug offering. The thing I like about this is the extra marks of the ink, when it’s fired though that will all be away and the finished jug will be much cleaner. I like the painty lines though, I need to be on with some more testing I think, find a way to leave behind something similar, maybe brushed slip or coloured glaze that won’t move, or will move. I know if I use any of the colours that I have currently of oxides or coloured glazes that they will move possibly too much under the honey glaze so maybe it needs to be something fired first in which case slips might work or would some copper oxide fired on during the bisque then sit still under the glaze? I will have to try. In the meantime the funny little people have been hard at work baking for one of their dragon friends.

For the last couple of weeks there’s been a whole host of tiny baby blue tits coming feasting on the bird feeders that I have at work. It’s suddenly the place to be if you’re a bird, I can’t believe how quickly they are going through the food. Today though there was a big clang and a clatter as the feeder slammed against the window and after I’d picked myself up off the floor from the shock I looked to see what it was and it was a wood-pecker! Clinging to the bird feeder and eating peanuts as if there was no tomorrow. Very beautiful and very different to what I usually see there.

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4 Responses to Potfest and Dragons

  1. Ron says:

    I love how you've positioned the dragon on the pot Hannah.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Dan Finnegan says:

    I was momentarily confused by your 'nuts' comment Hannah! Then it clicked…glad that you enjoy them. I do think that we keep the best for ourselves!I got your info in the post and it looks fine.

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