Potato Peeling Pots

These two sweeties are visiting just round the corner from my workshop and pop in a couple of times a day when they’re here to see what I’m up to. They were confused as to how I fitted all the stuff that’s in this space into the smaller space I used to have. When they came in for the first time yesterday I was turning some jugs. When they popped back in later on they wanted to know if I had finished “potato peeling” my pots. Brilliant!

I think things are finally starting to happen, I seem to be just getting into my stride again thank goodness. I’m working from a smaller list and trying to look at the big list less often. Small chunks at a time. Tiddly pom tiddly pom.

12lb of clay, pathetic size of pot, disappointingly indifferent from the 8lb one that I put it next too. I know a lot of the clay goes in the belly but really you’d think they’d look much more different from each other than they do.

The hoolet is back again.

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8 Responses to Potato Peeling Pots

  1. Ron says:

    Look at those cuties! Hey, pots look good too. Don't over do it!

  2. Anna says:

    Love those plates! Feels good to get in the groove doesn't it??

  3. cutie- pies those two are and potato peeling– love it and the pots!

  4. gz says:

    Love the hoolet plate.Tiddley pom….reminds me of a certain bear !!

  5. ang says:

    how sweet you have a fan club :)) 8lber looks good from here …love the owl toes

  6. Dennis Allen says:

    I hear the invites to the Royal Wedding are going out this week.I remember you hob nobbing with the Royals last year so I was hoping you could ring them up and see when I can expect my invitation? Thanks ever so much.Beautiful plates.

  7. Ohh, the plates~ fantastic! Looks like this studio is bringing you good karma 🙂

  8. Anne W says:

    heheh they look really cute, all cozied up by your wood stove.Love your owl plate.

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