Post Christmas post.

A secret Santa by the name of Matt Grimmitt had these mugs delivered to my house the week before Christmas but being a good girl I saved the parcel until Christmas day before I opened it. We like them very much and they have already been put into service a number of times.

Boxing Day brought us beautiful sunshine and a lovely if painful walk at Auchencairn with some friends. Painful because of course hapless Hannah has been at it again. You know the other day I mentioned falling off the bed, well after I had written that post I managed to do something nasty to my knee by simply standing up. I don’t know what it is but it felt like a small explosion in my knee cap. I have since had a very sore knee – again, and the other has now come out in sympathy, probably because I have been trying to protect the injured one. Makes everything including sleeping hard, damn damn damn. I have just booked an appointment to see the doc so hopefully I’ll get it sorted.

Solway mud.

The following day we were given this really thick thick frost and it has been bitter cold though sunny for the last couple of days. These pictures were at Mabie forest.

Small video for your amusement, the noise is the best bit.

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6 Responses to Post Christmas post.

  1. Ron says:

    Gosh Hannah, sorry to hear about the knee. I’m looking forward to my next acupuncture appt. It seems to be helping my elbows.Nice ice crashing.

  2. your knee, oh no!!!!! But thanks for the pics!

  3. ang says:

    lovely mugs H, lucky you…take it easy hope your knees get better soon..

  4. ang says:

    just wanted to say thanks for the santa idea it really has been a treat, cheers ang x

  5. ruth mercer says:

    Hi Hannah and Paul thank you for our christmas decoration it has pride of place on my tree which is still up despite the two kittens who love smashing the balls. hope you had a good christmas and a proeperous new year. how impressed are you at me managing to send this. Love Aunty Ruth

  6. paul jessop says:

    I heard a story the other day that if Bill Gates put all of his money under his matress, if he fell out of bed, it would take him 18 mins to hit the floor. if you include interest in the equation he would actually never hit the floor. not a problem us potters will ever have to worry about.

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