Plates and prints

Today I have been mainly working out whether I can use my slab roller to print from my etching plates. Here is the results. Thank you to my film making elf.

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4 Responses to Plates and prints

  1. Mandy says:

    Fantastic! Well done to the experimenting elf too 😉 x x x

  2. Rob says:

    Great demonstration.

  3. gz says:

    very encouraging indeed! I’ve returned to cutting lino and printing . Great fun. Its always refreshing to use different skills for a while

  4. Chilas, taller de cerámica says:

    Maestra Hanna, he observado su trabajo. Lo suyo es el arte. Me llama mucho la atención su taller. Me gusta el rodillo para el grabado. En el video del día de san Valentin, junto al torno, a su mano derecha se ven unos compeses. Acá en México es muy difícil conseguirlos.
    Es todo.

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