Plates and candle things.

Finally got the pictures up that I took back last week sometime after I had had a plate decorating frenzy. Some are a bit mad and some are madder.

I fired a couple of plates last month before the Geffrye show that I got finished before I realised that on one I had missed a letter ‘S’ out and on another the whole word ‘end’. What a wally. Not sure if they are ones that I had put pictures up of. I need an editor.

Mad bird.

Mad tree, mad wiggly line and not normal writing that I think I like but needs some practice.

I threw tea-light holders last week and decorated them and there were also candle sticks, these were the ones that I had been struggling a bit with, I think they are ok, not fabulous, they need practice too. They are hollow which is why I was struggling with them, I was looking at Paul Young’s candle sticks this weekend and they are solid which gives them a good weight, probably makes them safer.

Here is a pretty poor photo of my new pot acquisition from the weekend, it is a press moulded Mary W dish. The impressions around the edge are apparently the stamp that she first used when she started making pots with her initials on it which she found recently. Tis a good fun cockerel I thought.

There have been comments on here from a few new people recently, thank you and hope you are still reading. You won’t here anything from me for a few days now, we are off on a trip, a holiday! A very well earned break for both of us. It’s been a very busy year so far and we are both pretty shattered from one thing and another. See you soon.
PS Ron I have a huge hat collection, my favourite at the moment is still last years hat, a really lovely knitted one by my friend Kay Ribbens who lives up here in Galloway. She makes really great hats and I think she reads this blog so hi Kay! I’m taking it away with me so you might get a picture when I get back.
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5 Responses to Plates and candle things.

  1. Have a good break. Youv’e been very busy. It sounds as though your trip to Oxford was productive in that it was motivational.Always good to see other peoples pots and draw new inspiration.

  2. Ron says:

    I like the plates Hannah, esp the tree. It’s good to see those MW pots, interesting to me to see she did some sgrafitto. And I love those robin dishes. Have fun on your trip!

  3. jbf says:

    Wonderful stuff. I love your slip work. I hope you have a good holiday.

  4. ang says:

    great bird feet v. animated..happy tripping..

  5. paul jessop says:

    I’m liking that tree it looks as if it’s been crochet.

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