Pictures of pots.

Here are some more pictures of my pots from my photo session last week. I think I might do some more with pots in interiors in the future as I quite like them, the clean white pictures are good for applications though.
We have had the wildest weekend of weather and Paul spent part of sunday weighting down our shed roof with my recently acquired small pile of kiln bricks against the wind. Only a temporary measure of course, I will have my bricks back soon. We live on a bit of a hill and it’s really open to the elements, makes for absolutly stunning views from all the windows in the house though which more than makes up for it. A bit like Doug we are pretty rural round here and it is very different from my home town of Bolton on old mill town just ouutside Manchester. Would I go back? Not on your life!
Back into the workshop today to unpack the kiln, glaze all the plates and then pop them all back in. I’ve left that firing now, I always worry about power cuts when the weather is so windy and the kiln is on. Luckily my workshop is a mile and a half from the house and is in a much more sheltered spot. This afternoon I started to decorate a couple of rows of cereal bowls. Easter is approaching fast and I have a couple of shops which will open again for the new season at that time and I need to supply them with a display of work. It’s nice to be decorating in my own style again after the cows. Though they were an interesting distraction.
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4 Responses to Pictures of pots.

  1. doug fitch says:

    Lovely shots again.Bet you miss a pint in the Three Pigeons and a greasy kebab from the Halliwell Road – not!

  2. Hannah says:

    You know those places? How come? The Three Pigeons was an old sixth form haunt. Crikey, takes me back.

  3. doug fitch says:

    Hil’s brother and family live in Bolton, bear left at the Three Pigeons and carry on up the hill. Hil’s from Manchester so we get up there occasionally

  4. Hannah says:

    Small world isn’t it!

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