Pics of rocks and pots.

I like rocks. The coast round our way is like a scene straight from my geology text book. Mr Morrison would like it.

Wiggly see creatures I like too.

I like this bowl very very much, this is the outside of the one I pictured on the last post.

This is a sweetie I think, just a small bowl, about 6″ diameter. Crazy daisies ahoy.

Full shelves again! Kiln full so no moving anything in there until I’ve moved things in the workshop first to make room for the things coming out of the kiln. That’s part of tomorrows job. Well one of about a million trillion things on the list.
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6 Responses to Pics of rocks and pots.

  1. ang says:

    oh very nice bit of the sliptrail..such yummy deco..have a great tuesday

  2. Anna says:

    What great steady sliptrailing! Love the sweet small bowl too.

  3. Ron says:

    The bowl with the daisies is beautiful Hannah. No easy feat to deco inside bowls. You are amazing.

  4. I really like those daisies in the bowl. They have a great swing to them.

  5. Dan Finnegan says:

    Hi Hannah, I'm not certain if we'll be at Penrith yet. The Milways return tomorow and I'll no longer be in control of my days…Toff did express interest, so here's hoping!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well bowled madam!!Look forward to seeing you in the England test team!!

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